What’s Travel With Pau?

Travel With Pau is a travel blog where I, Paula, write about my world travels but with a constant focus in London, my current home and one of the coolest cities in the world. The aim of Travel With Pau is to, first, show its audience that there is no need to quit a job you love in order to travel. Second, to offer concise, simple and easy information in order to help you arrive to a city and get exploring right away!

Who is behind this?

Paula & Pablo. Paula is the founder, creator and writer of the blog. Pablo is the technical mastermind, and, like a good Computer Engineer, likes to remain in the shadows.

What’s your story’?

Hello! My name is Paula and I write this blog. I’m originally from Argentina, but live in the UK and travel. A lot.

I don’t have an interesting story where I resurfaced from the ashes from a terrible job cleaning toilets and became a travel blogger. I’ve had a good life, I was always an ace student, I did great at school and at university. I’ve always been financially responsible and stable and did excellently in all the jobs I’ve had which have been pretty cool, until I moved on to an even cooler job at Google. I still work at Google and really enjoy it. I’m strong willed and that has enabled me to achieve most things I put in front of me.

However, I’ve always felt like something was missing. I kept seeing that people around me had a passion that made their eyes open wide when they spoke about it. Either art, music, sports, dance…you name it, I didn’t have that. And that felt pretty miserable.

I began working at Google in Buenos Aires, my home town, and then moved to London. I soon fell in love with this amazing city and after more than a couple of years here, I’ve grown to love it and have decided it’s the best city in the world. Also, I have always loved to travel and was lucky to be able to travel a lot growing up and in my teens. But, when I moved to London, it all escalated to the next level.

Because of the location and the reputation of this city, there are direct flights everywhere. And guess what, they are cheap! Not only that, but also there are so many things to do in London and within the UK. Everything is only a short drive away for my standards (Argentina is a big country).

I began sharing my travels in Instagram and kept getting questions from my followers about travel recommendations. I soon realised my eyes went wide open when I was sharing my travel recommendations to friends and strangers. People kept reaching out and telling me “How come you are always traveling? I don’t get it!”. And soon, I had an epiphany. Sharing my travels is my passion.

So shortly after discovering that, “Travel With Pau” was born as a home to my travel stories & knowledge. I hope I can inspire your next trip, or why not, help you gain experiences you otherwise wouldn’t have thought possible in the first place. My goal is to inspire others to travel as much as possible and to have a more adventurous approach to travel. Hopefully, derailing a bit from the beaten track.

How can you afford to travel so much?

You will notice I have a “budget” approach to travel on my posts, which allows me to travel a lot and to reallocate my budget to less touristy places or experiences that generally tend to be more expensive. Traveling is my fuel, the more trips I can do a year the happier I’ll be, so they need to be cheap. My goal is to show you that you can travel the world despite having a full time job, and help you make the most of it.

Where have you traveled?


Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Vatican City, Wales.

The Americas

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States of America, Uruguay.


China, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Nepal, Palestine, Taiwan, Thailand.


Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe