malta bucket list
malta bucket list

Malta was definitely my travel find of the year. Although not at all tourist free, this tiny island is still not a super popular destination and hence why you should go like – right now. I love how it’s an island and a beach destination but also has beautiful and interesting historic places to visit. Hence, Malta basically meets the needs of the beach lovers, culture seekers and those like me that need a little bit of both. I just get bored being all day at the beach! Anyways, it’s truly awesome. For your convenience I’ve created the below bucket list which covers everything you can possibly do in Malta.

Where to stay and how to get around Malta

Really studied this, and the answer is: it depends on how you intend to get around. There are two forms of transportation in Malta, rental car or public bus. Public buses are incredible, regular and take you to any part of the island. It is the form of transport that I used and loved it. However, a rental car is almost always the best option, and especially if you go for a few days only. Malta is small and easy to drive through and, although the buses are good, you’ll takes a lot less and see a lot more if you get around by car.

If you can’t or don’t want to drive, stay in Valletta. In high season, the buses get full fast. Staying in Sliema, many buses have not stopped because of being over capacity and I lost up to an hour waiting to get on. Buses start and end in Valletta, so you can probably get on a bus really fast and even sit down by going to the bus terminal. Also on the way back, most buses go to Valletta, so you probably won’t wait long even if the buses are busy. I’ve pre-filtered the best hotels in Valletta here.

If you go by car, you can stay anywhere, since distances are short. Some examples are Sliema, St Julian’s Bay, St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha Bay. Find good hotels throughout Malta here.

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