I was recently approached by Femme Luxe to write a review of their clothes. As a blogger & influencer, I get a lot of spammy offers to review clothes, many of which involve getting outfits for free but then paying an outrageous amount for shipping (which is a known scam, by the way). The email from Femme Luxe actually came to my spam folder but it was, for once, the real deal.

I headed over to their website and my initial reaction was negative. The model is the same for all photos and is slinky, Kim Kardashian style. That’s definitely not me. I decided to look over the clothes for a bit longer and ended up finding a few things which seemed ok and decided to give them a chance. And was glad I did! I got 4 different items, loved and will continue to use all of them.

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berlin travel guide
East Side Gallery – Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany as well as the largest and most visited city in the country. As you may already know, it has a pretty turbulent history, specially in most recent times with Hitler and Nazi Germany, and later, the Cold War, where the city was divided and the Berlin Wall was erected. Although years have passed since those events, the scars still show in the city and that’s part of what it makes it so interesting.

Compared with other European cities, including local Munich, Berlin looks very different. Perhaps due to the influence of soviet times, the city looks a lot more industrial and is not the standard of “pretty” in a city. That’s what makes it so unique, mysterious and desired. I think we all have that friend who is obsessed with Berlin!

Not only is Berlin very rich in history, but it has now become a hub for artists and creatives. The city is full of art and young people, which makes it extremely entertaining, specially at night. Its history, art, its industrial laid back vibe and nightlife together with its diverse crowd make it a very special place.

Learn about what to do in Berlin, where to stay as well as how to get there and around in this Berlin travel guide!

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dead mans hand

Dead Man’s Hand is the newest production of A Door in a Wall in which attendees need to investigate and resolve a poker related murder case by gathering clues in the streets of Farringdon in London.

I decided to try it out, unsure of what to expect. Myself and the two friends, who joined me gathered in The Castle pub in Farringdon and sat on one of the upstairs tables. The different teams attending on the day were sitting on the different tables across the room.

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abq london
Pablo infusing the “CRT Fix” with Rosemary & Thyme at ABQ London

ABQ is the world’s first immersive molecular cocktail bar where you get to make and infuse your own drinks in an RV, Breaking Bad style.

Although I haven’t watched Breaking Bad (yes, guilty!) I was still intrigued about the concept of cooking cocktails and I was sure I was going to love it because, as you must already know, I’m an avid fan of immersive experiences.

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