monteverde bucket list
monteverde bucket list
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Monteverde was my second stop in Costa Rica. I chose to visit it as Monteverde has a Cloud Forest, which is the only in Costa Rica but also one of the few Cloud Forests in the world, as they only represent 1% of the global woodland. I had never visited a Cloud Forest before! If you are wondering what a Cloud Forest is, well it’s just that, a forest which is constantly covered in clouds at the canopy level and is very, very moist.

When I began doing research about Monteverde I found that it is very small, but also that there are a lot of things to do! See below a full list of all the best things to do in Monteverde, where to stay in Monteverde, and how to get there and around.

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Arenal La Fortuna
arenal & la fortuna travel guide
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Arenal was our first stop in Costa Rica and we really enjoyed our time there. There is lots to do from simply relaxing, to hiking or swimming in a waterfall. In this post you’ll find the best things to do in the Arenal & La Fortuna Area, where to stay and how to get there.

The accommodation we chose made our trip to Arenal extra special. We stayed at Rancho Margot, a self-sufficient ranch close to Lake Arenal. I’ll tell you everything about it in this post as well.

Things to do in Arenal & La Fortuna

Relax in one of the many Hot Springs
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Buenos Aires Bucket List
buenos aires bucket list
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Buenos Aires is my city! I was born and lived 23 years in Buenos Aires. Without much further ado, these are the 20 best things to do and see in Buenos Aires. I also include detail on some of the things you must eat when in Buenos Aires and where. Welcome to my Buenos Aires bucket list!

Buenos Aires Bucket List

1. Have “asado” in a “parilla”

You might find it weird that I’m including this first, specially given that I am now a vegan. But our asado (barbecue) is just such a big part of our culture and it would be stupid to not suggest this to meat eaters. Asado brings Argentina’s friends and families together, and it is done so much differently from anywhere in the world. We really eat most of the cow in asados, not only the meat, but what we call “achuras”. Chinchulines (intestines), chorizo (thick sausage), molleja (gizzard), morcilla (blood sausage) are some of them. If you are visiting Buenos Aires for one day only, make a point of having asado. It’s definitely one of the main attractions in Buenos Aires. My favorite place for asado is La Cabrera followed by Don Julio both in the neighborhood of Palermo and then by La Brigada in San Telmo.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Then I have you covered! These are the best vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires.

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