jerusalem bucket list
Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem is one of the must visits of Israel, specially for those interested in religion. I was raised as a Christian (although now agnostic) and many of the sites to visit in the city resonated with what I learned as a child from the Bible. It’s also pretty crazy how different religions interact together in this city: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and others.

In this post I’ll walk you through what to visit in Jerusalem in a short time, as well as various recommendations on where to stay, how to get to and around the city.

Things to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Old City Market
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Best of the West Bank Tour: Church of Nativity Betlehem

When in Jerusalem, I took the Best of the West Bank Tour from Abraham Tours. Bethlehem isn’t far from Jerusalem and this tour was a way to see it without the hassle of planning it independently we decided to just go for it.

What I got out of the Best of the West Bank Tour was a lot more than I expected: I got a much better picture of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Our tour guide Kamal was actually a Christian Palestinian, more specifically, Greek Orthodox and Palestine. So he had first hand knowledge of the situation itself and sprinkled examples across the tour.

The Best of the West Bank Tour kicked off from Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem at 7.30AM.

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venice bucket list

Oh Venice. It is a city like no other. A car free city where you can walk everywhere along canals, where the only transport is a boat or a gondola. Venice is unique, different from the rest of Italy, so romantic and charming that you’ll fall in love with it, guaranteed. Below a selection of things you must do when in Venice, as well as how to get there and where to stay, in this Venice Bucket List.

1- Wander the narrow winding streets

If you do one thing in Venice, do this one. It’s free and it’s the one I enjoyed the most. The main streets of Venice may be packed with tourists but if you let yourself get lost you’ll wind up in quiet gorgeous streets where you’ll go like “Ah, this is why everybody talks about Venice”.

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coimbra travel guide

If you are reading this you’ve decided to visit Coimbra. Or maybe you are wondering if you should. I visited Coimbra as a day trip during my trip to Portugal, as a stop between Lisbon and Aveiro.

Coimbra is a very interesting and history rich city. It used to be a Roman settlement and some structures of that time remain. It also used to be the capital of Portugal, and is the land of Inês de Castro and King Pedro, two major historical figures of Portuguese history. Also, Coimbra houses one of the oldest universities in the world: Coimbra University.

Would I recommend you visit? Honestly, I had lots of trouble finding the answer to this question before my trip so this is my verdict, having ended up visiting it. I think Coimbra is definitely worth a day or half day stop if you are doing a road trip but wouldn’t recommend you go out of your way to visit it, specially if your visit to Portugal is short (a week).

Now I’ll walk you through everything there is to do in Coimbra, where to stay and how to get there and around.

Things to do in Coimbra

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