the lost lagoon london
the lost lagoon london

The Lost Lagoon is the most fun, bonkers and extravagant immersive experience right now. I know because I went, and I loved it. And it’s not surprising given that the culinary and creative geniuses from Bompas and Parr are behind it. The location? The basement of a Shepherd’s Bush mall which houses the world’s largest underground boating lake. Yes, this experience involves a boating lake underground. Is that even possible? Yes it is.

Visitors are provided with a pirate tricorn hat and a handkerchief which contains a special message. Soon there will be a bit of walking blindfolded involved — yes it does feel like Netflix’s Bird Box for a bit. But do not worry, the first delicious Captain Morgan rum cocktail will be provided while you get the introduction on what’s to come.

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Every true Londoner knows and has visited Brick Lane multiple times. This vibrant street is one of the most famous of the city, and is the perfect medicine for Sunday blues. Because, if it’s Sunday, Brick Lane didn’t get the memo.

There is so much to do, see, eat and drink. But the main visual attraction is street art. Just keep your eyes very open, it’s everywhere and all around!

Now, to help your Brick Lane visit I’ve created a map which you can save.

brick lane

And now, let’s get started! 
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“Tooting so cool right now” that’s what reads on the message board of popular brunch spot Brickwood Cafe. And with a good reason. Tooting has been chosen amongst the 10 best neighborhoods to visit in the world by Lonely Planet. As it happens, Tooting is actually my neighborhood. I choose to live here because I’m love with how multicultural it is, and to be very frank, I’m mostly in love of its Indian food. To second Lonely Planet: Tooting’s is gritty, but wonderful.

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For my birthday this year one my boyfriend’s gifts was a vegan tasting menu in a London restaurant which was once awarded a Michelin star.

My boyfriend isn’t vegan, and in fact loves any kind of meat, so when eating out we normally resort in omnivorous restaurants, and most of the time in Indian (which I love) and Chinese. None of my girlfriends are vegan either, so I normally end up eating chips or salad, which I don’t mind at all. The vegan restaurants I’ve been in London have been nice but still not mind blowing.

On the day of the booking, we grabbed a refreshing pomegranate gin & tonic in Muriel’s Kitchen and then headed to the venue: Gauthier Soho.

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