Mr Foggs House of Botanicals-1

Mr Foggs House of Botanicals

I heard about Mr Foggs House of Botanicals opening and I thought: a House of Botanicals? I need to visit right away! After doing some research, I learned two things. First, there are many Mr Foggs, and this is the newest one. Second, Mr Foggs is part of the same group as the must-visit iconic bar Cahoots so this made me even more eager.

Upon arrival to Mr Foggs House of Botanicals which is located on a corner of Fitzrovia, we were greeted by the lovely doormen and let in. We quickly learned that the downstairs area of the bar is walk in, while upstairs is reserved for bookings. Both areas have different cocktail menus. The downstairs area is filled of lush greenery and nice people chatting, and most are standing up. If you were to try and imagine how the area looks like, it is a little bit like if there were a bar inside of the Kew Gardens’ greenhouse. If you look up, you’ll find bird cages filled with plant and flowers which hang from the ceiling.

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Tea workshop london

This year as part of Pablo’s birthday gifts, I got him a 2.5 hour tea workshop in London. A friend of mine had been to it and told me it was awesome so I went ahead and booked it. After over a month wait – yes  all other the workshops were fully booked – the day of the workshop arrived. I really enjoyed the experience so sharing it with you guys.

tea workshop london

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sounds and sorcery

sounds and sorcery

A hot summer day in London I was lucky enough to visit the underground world of The Vaults where I attended Sounds and Sorcery, a new immersive music concert experience, inspired by Disney Fantasia. And it was an excellent way to spend the afternoon! 

I am a huge fan of Fantasia. I used to watch it over and over when I was a child and I just get so much joy from simply listening to its songs so I was super excited about this experience.

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craft tooting

craft beer tooting

Argentina has shitty beer. At least it did when I left over four years ago, I’m aware it’s got better, but then it was hard to escape Quilmes, Heineken or Stella Artois and only a few craft beer bars where around. Getting to London was a total upgrade. So many options in the bars and pubs, beer brands from all over Europe. But I still had to get to the next beer level, so I discovered craft beer bars, shops and the Bermondsey beer mile, which is essentially a bunch of awesome craft breweries all located within approximately one mile. I’ve written a detailed guide to it here. But those breweries are not open to the public all the time, so how do I get my craft beer fix the rest of the time?

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