For this Femme Luxe haul, got a lot of cute items as usual! I chose a shacket, crop top and bodysuit which are Femme Luxe classics! I hope you are excited as I am about this haul.

I’ve become a fan of their famous shackets and this time I’ve acquired the jade coloured shacket: Sage Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket – Isabella. A shacket is the mixture of a shirt and a jacket. If you pay attention to everyone on the street right now there’s shackets everywhere and Femme Luxe have had them for ages now, total pioneers!

It’s super comfy and versatile, and I love how it looks – I use it both to work and the gym, that’s what I love about shackets and they are even more in this year. I now have the shacket in three colours! Shackets are the go-to item for me so comfy and so warm as well. I have them in Jade, Pink & Lilac and I love them all although the jade is the easiest to style. You can dress them up or down depending the situation by changing from gym clothes to jeans and heels or office clothes. And the best bit is that you’ll never be cold. Great isn’t it?

Next, I chose this super cute Black Ribbed One Shoulder Crop Top – Daisy. This crop top is again super versatile and you can use it both for the gym or with jeans to go out. It’s a bit tight so make sure to size up if you have larger breasts. I’d say it’s better to use it when going out as it moves around a bit if you use it for the gym as it’s one shoulder only. It would look lovely with high waisted jeans or with colourful bottoms as it’s very cropped and neutral coloured. It’s just one of those items you’ll use again and again. You can find other coloured crop tops in Femme Luxe, there’s so many options to choose from and all very affordable.

Last, I chose this super sexy Black Floral Lace Sheer Mesh Cut Out Cupped Strappy Bodysuit – Maura to spice things up! It’s super sexy, really good quality too. I’m not uploading a photo from myself as I’m really not comfortable posting lingerie here but it is exactly as pictured. In this one try to size down as mine was a bit too big and gets a bit creasy as it’s not tight towards the body. It’s really easy to wear under clothes and it has clips under for easy toilet trips. It looks very delicate and elegant and I’ve enjoyed it despite not being a regular user for it. And if you like bodysuits there are many more options as well in the Femme Luxe website.

What do you think about this haul? Already getting items for my next one! Can’t wait to see what Femme Luxe had in store for winter. Would love to know your thoughts on this one.

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