For this Femme Luxe haul, got a lot of cute items as usual! I chose black trousers, a beautiful light blue blazer, a snugly jumper and a faux leather blazer, all very classy and cute Femme Luxe items! I hope you are excited as I am about this haul.

It’s sometimes hard to find classy and elegant items in Femme Luxe, but you know, those who seek shall find. My favourite item of this haul was the black blazer: Black PU Faux Leather Long Sleeve Button Pocket Detail Blazer – Nell because black faux leather blazers are so in right now, I literally can’t stop wearing it. They just go and elevate any outfit, from jeans, to shorts, to a dress, to tailored trousers. The quality is pretty good, it doesn’t look cheap at all. The buttons are also covered in faux leather which makes them really nice.

I’ve actually decided to style them with the trousers I got this time: Black High Waisted Front Split Tailored Trousers – Lottie which I also got this time. These are actually quite nice, the front split is quite handy and trendy. The material of the trousers does feel a bit cheap when you are putting them on but it’s not noticeable by other people. The zip is also not so strong, just something to bear in mind. Would recommend to size up, I’m size 8-10 and size 8 fits fine but if I eat too much as it’s high waisted it becomes a bit uncomfortable. Sizing up should fix this. Overall they are pretty great trousers and they look quite classy despite the material not necessarily being great and a bit stiff.

Next, I chose this super cute pastel blue oversized blazer: Pastel Blue Oversized Long Sleeve Button Up Blazer – Petra. The material is quite plastic-y (it’s probably all Polyester) which means it doesn’t look expensive, but it doesn’t wrinkle and when put on and styled it does look actually really good. I got so many compliments when wearing it, and I tend to wear it a lot with jeans, a white t-shirt or white knitwear depending how cold it is. I’ve also styled all denim outfits with it too. It’s perfect for the office or a day out in London. I know I’ll be wearing it a lot more! It’s perfect for spring but also would be great paired with light colours and coats for winter. It is quite a classy item which I love as I’m all about elegance these days.

Last, I got this beige / cream and pink striped jumper: Cream & Pink High Neck Chunky Knit Striped Long Sleeve Oversized Jumper – Leah. It’s the least elegant item I got these round, but it is very good quality and also very comfy. I’m not sure if I’ll be using a lot of it given I’ve change my style but it’s perfect for a day out in winter. Pink will also be the trending colour of spring, so watch out! It’s really quite nice, and it can be worn with jeans, white trousers, or in my case I actually wore it with a dress below. It’s not a jumper – dress although it does go below the bum quite a bit. I really like styling it with a dress below then adding cream boots for an all creamy and pink outfit. I think it would look great with white denim as well, that’s another way I would style it.

What do you think about this haul? Already getting items for my next one, I’ve eyed up some more elegant outfits that look great. As usual, can’t wait to see what Femme Luxe has in store for the winter to spring transition. Would love to know your thoughts on this one.

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