Hopefully the last lockdown haul this year? Fingers crossed! Taking advantage of the last days locked down and bored at home to do a Femme Luxe haul. Got 3 items this time.

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So what’s in store for this time? The Black Ruched Midi Bodycon Dress – Taylor is a go to item, it can be made shorter, longer, and worn with a T-Shirt below if it’s winter as it’s still cold in the UK. I did wear it as it is to a party back home, black dresses are wardrobe staples aren’t they? I do like playing with them to make them less boring as I’m not really the type of person that wears black. I love the fact that it can be worn with a long sleeve t-shirt.

Second this time, is the Wine Slinky Balloon Sleeve Bardot Mini Dress – Meghan. Also really cute but too short for me wearing it on its own, I just don’t feel so comfortable and have to be constantly pulling it down. Also I can’t wear it as it’s modelled in the website because I have small breasts so it falls down. I need to tape the boob area to make it work. I quite like it off shoulder thought, looks amazing.

As it’s very short however it can be used as a t-shirt and it looks even nicer, with jeans, or any type of trousers and that makes it winter friendly. This is the Wine Slinky Balloon Sleeve Bardot Mini Dress – Meghan worn as a t-shirt:

Last, got the White & Black Marble Print Cuffed Joggers – Caiden. I quite like marbled stuff although I must admit mostly for home decor purposes but I was willing to try this one out and I think it turned out pretty good! I can’t stopping using it now specially when working from home and just wanting to be comfy. It is super comfy! Find Femme Luxe joggers are just mega super comfy and I love them because of that. I’d have them in all colours. Just need to be careful I don’t look like I’m wearing PJs though as they do look a little bit too comfy. Wearing make up should solve it.

What do you think about this Femme Luxe haul?

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Printsfield reached out to me about collaborating with them. I quickly checked what they do, they basically do personalised socks. It could either be socks with your face on them, socks with your pet face on them, socks with your boyfriend’s face on them, socks with your son’s face on them, basically personalised socks with faces and cool backgrounds to with them. The background for the personalised socks could be food, or valentines day patterns, or even funny stuff like a cosmic background or emojis.

If you follow me on instagram you probably know I’m absolutely obsessed with my cat Shanti and therefore I needed to get socks with my cat’s face in them. And that’s what I ordered! And here’s the result:

Printsfield personalised socks with your cat’s face in them!

Obviously, Shanti is thrilled with my cheeky personalised socks order and I’m so happy with these customi socks! They are good quality and mostly I think they are the perfect gift. I always have no clue what to give some people as gifts and can think about so many loved ones that would enjoy these as a gift! For instance, my sister would love a pair of personalised socks with her dog’s face on them and I’m sure my mom wouldn’t mind one with my or my sister’s face on them either. There are also personalised socks with Christmas motives so I might get those for Christmas to those back home. It’s such a funny gift as well and also a really thoughtful one if you know that someone is really obsessed with their pet or even with some type of food, as there are personalised socks with food items. It’s kind of bizarre funny don’t you think?

You can get these socks from printsfield.com and you can get 20% off with TRAVELWITHPAU20. And they have worldwide shipping!

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I was recently approached by Femme Luxe to write a review of their clothes. As a blogger & influencer, I get a lot of spammy offers to review clothes, many of which involve getting outfits for free but then paying an outrageous amount for shipping (which is a known scam, by the way). The email from Femme Luxe actually came to my spam folder but it was, for once, the real deal.

I headed over to their website and my initial reaction was negative. The model is the same for all photos and is slinky, Kim Kardashian style. That’s definitely not me. I decided to look over the clothes for a bit longer and ended up finding a few things which seemed ok and decided to give them a chance. And was glad I did! I got 4 different items, loved and will continue to use all of them.

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pai bucket list

Pai Bucket List

Pai is a cute little town in Northern Thailand. So many people recommended it to me! I was tight on time so only spent one full day in Pai but honestly, I would have spent more. It’s just so unique. It has a hippie, jungly and even slightly beachy vibe (even though there is no beach). There are no pressures and no pretensions in Pai! This is what I would recommend you do when visiting Pai in Thailand.

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