Loch Lomond

loch lomond

That seems like a lot right? But well it happened and it did quite naturally. Pablo had been camping in Scotland with his best friend over the past week and he had a great idea. He suggested I’d come over for the weekend as he knows how much I love camping and the outdoors. So I did. Camping in Loch Lomond it was!

Getting to Scotland

The smartest way to get to Scotland was obviously by air in order to optimize the little time a weekend has. I searched for flights in Skyscanner and Momondo, but as nothing was cheap I ended up booking a flight directly in British Airways to Glasgow with miles and paid £25. The flight would depart from London City Airport which is great as it’s almost in Central London. What’s also great about this airport is that it’s small and geared in a way you are not expected to arrive tons of time in advance. For instance, it doesn’t even have a lounge and targets business people mostly. I left work and in around 40 minutes was in LCY ready for my 18.15 flight.

Arriving to Glasgow

I landed in Glasgow 19.35. Obviously, I didn’t have any checked in luggage so I came out right away. The guys were waiting for me in arrivals ready to go. They had booked a rental car using Rentalcars which is what we usually use. We went back to the car and they took me for a surprise dinner to Hug and Pint. From outside it just looks like a pub but it’s actually an Asian inspired vegan restaurant! They suggest you order 2-3 dishes per person. We had the black pepper aubergine, the peanut noodles, the mushroom pudding, lentils, plain rice and a few beers. It was yummy but we had to be quickly on our way. Before leaving Glasgow we quickly dropped by the Brewdog pub, after all it is a Scottish brewery, and had a few more beers.

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sounds and sorcery

sounds and sorcery

A hot summer day in London I was lucky enough to visit the underground world of The Vaults where I attended Sounds and Sorcery, a new immersive music concert experience, inspired by Disney Fantasia. And it was an excellent way to spend the afternoon! 

I am a huge fan of Fantasia. I used to watch it over and over when I was a child and I just get so much joy from simply listening to its songs so I was super excited about this experience.

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koh tao

koh tao bucket list

Koh Tao was my favourite island in Thailand. I loved all of them, but Koh Tao has a perfect size, beautiful beaches, outstanding diving and snorkeling, as well as the perfect amount of partying – there is some but it’s not at the crazy annoying level. These are my favourite things to do in the island.

Do a diving course

This is probably the number one reason people come to Koh Tao, and that’s because Koh Tao has a the perfect combination: amazing snorkel, and really low prices. So a lot of people will come here just to do the PADI Certification. I didn’t do mine because I had already done it somewhere else, but I’ve heard Ocean Sound is good.

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craft tooting

craft beer tooting

Argentina has shitty beer. At least it did when I left over four years ago, I’m aware it’s got better, but then it was hard to escape Quilmes, Heineken or Stella Artois and only a few craft beer bars where around. Getting to London was a total upgrade. So many options in the bars and pubs, beer brands from all over Europe. But I still had to get to the next beer level, so I discovered craft beer bars, shops and the Bermondsey beer mile, which is essentially a bunch of awesome craft breweries all located within approximately one mile. I’ve written a detailed guide to it here. But those breweries are not open to the public all the time, so how do I get my craft beer fix the rest of the time?

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