For this Femme Luxe haul, got a lot of a good set of items as usual! I chose a cardigan, a shirt dress and an activewear or loungewear set. I hope you are excited as I am about this haul.

My favourite item this time around was the Stone Knitted Balloon Sleeve Side Split Longline Midi Cardigan – Emmy. It’s super elegant because of the puff sleeves, neutral colour, and the knit being very thick which makes it look high quality even if it’s quite affordable. The fabric stays in place even if you move which is a characteristic of good quality fabrics. The cardigan is also long so it creates vertical lines, again another requirement your outfit must have if you want it to appear elegant. The fact it’s so thick means it makes it easy to keep warm. Wearing it with a belt would make it even more chic, so that’s a good styling idea.

Second item I ordered is this Long Sleeve Button Up Side Split Bodycon Mini Shirt Dress – Adalee. This shirt dress, contrary to the cardigan, does not appear to be good quality. Yes, the fact that it’s a black shirt dress helps but the fabric is very thin and is quite apparently 100% polyester so the lack of cotton makes it very apparently ‘plastic’. In turn it sticks a lot to the body and makes the slit look a bit weird. It doesn’t have a great fit, unless you are ok with you the dress being almost a second skin. I would have expected it to be a bit loser and the fabric not to be as thin or flimsy. It’s ok value for its price, but I’d recommend if you get it that you size up and style it with a belt to make it more of a standout piece.

Third item I’ve ordered is the Sage Long Sleeve Cropped Elasticated Zip Up Sweatshirt Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Gracie. This set is really good quality and extremely warm. I was picturing it as gym kit but the trousers are not really suitable for weight lifting as they don’t have much give to them. They are perfect as loungewear though. The jacket is pretty nice on its own and I’ll keep using it for the gym with proper gym leggings. The colour is a lovely mint green, I love the colour! Definitely unique and worth getting it just for the lovely colour it has. This one is a must buy.

What do you think about this haul? Already getting items for my next one! Can’t wait to see what Femme Luxe has in store for spring. Would love to know your thoughts on this one.

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