This time around on my collaboration with Femme Luxe I chose some party pieces!

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I started with the Black Organza One Shoulder Sleeve Crop Top – Milo. This attention grabbing Black Organza One Shoulder Sleeve Crop Top can be matched with party trousers, black trousers or even high waisted jeans depending if you want to dress it up or down.

I decided to match them with another item I chose from the collection: Black & Pink Sparkle Stripe Wide Leg Trousers – Quinn. The trousers are super snazzy and they look amazing although they have many flaws. First they were way too big, second, they kept losing glitter to levels unimaginable. The owners of the cars I sat on using those trousers were definitely not happy; I wouldn’t recommend you buy them at all for this reason unless you plan to use them for a disco night and then throwing them away.

Next, I chose the Black Mesh Sleeve Cuffed Crop Top – Magnolia made with transparent fabric and puff sleeves as well as a lovely cleavage. I’m always a size 8 and I kind of struggled with this one when I bought it, I could only start wearing it when I happened to lose 2 kilos so be careful with the size. The top is beautiful and can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Definitely an attention grabber too.

Last I chose the Black Iridescent Plunge Puff Sleeve Bodysuit – Samia which I knew was going to be a winner! This bodysuit top was just gorgeous in pictures and is also in real life. Its cleavage is extremely original and sexy and the fabric is certainly special too! Certainly can be dressed up or down but must be worn with high waisted items as it has black fabric towards the the groin area which would show on lower waisted items.

Well, this was another successful Femme Luxe haul although it’s the first time I don’t recommend one of the items from them although I did like all of the others. I’ve only had good experiences in the past. Hope you enjoyed and see you on the next haul!

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[DISCLAIMER] This article was written towards the end of the Coronavirus pandemic with the hopes things go back to normal soon. They may not and I’ll revise the article once they do as some of the venues mentioned may have closed permanently.

BRIGHTON BUCKET LIST: Brighton Bandstand

Brighton is so close to London and is the perfect destination for a weekend trip! It’s only an hour away by train and has tons of cool things to do as it’s a decently sized city…with a beach! Here’s a run down of all the things Brighton.

Brighton Bucket List: Things To Do in Brighton

Admire Brighton’s street art

Brighton has earned international reputation over the last few years for its stunning and original graffiti artwork dotted around the city. Check out a replica of Banksy’s ‘Kissing Cops’ at Prince Albert’s Pub as well as the Music Mural in the same place. If you are into street art you can find more arts locations here.


Take a cycling tour of the city

Take this Grand Brighton Bike Tour as soon as you hop off the train. You can also enjoy the city at twilight by taking this 1 hour 30 minute tour visiting iconic landmarks, through Brighton’s colourful past to the present. Discover the real history of Brighton. There are many stops along the way, and a great chance to take some haunting photos!

Get brunch and buy vintage clothes at North Laine

North Laine has a happening, bohemian vibe with vegetarian cafes, vintage clothing stores, and jewelry stalls centred on busy Kensington Gardens pedestrian road. The vintage stores are really well curated and have prices that are a lot more reasonable than London’s.

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The Cauldron London

Harry Potter. Creating potions using a wand. Who could not love that? Well I surely do and this is actually a thing in The Cauldron, an immersive cocktail experience based in Dalston.

Upon arrival to the venue, you’ll be handed a box with a wand of special characteristics to use throughout the experience. You’ll proceed downstairs to your post and don a robe like you’ve just joined Hogwarts. The set up of the scene could easily pass for the Potions class held by Professor Snape in said establishment.

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brew ldn
Brew // LDN

This week I visited Brew // LDN, a new craft beer festival launching in London for the first time this year. Behind it are the time from the annual Craft Beer Rising festival, which ran for the last time in 2019. BrewLDN is at the time the UK’s biggest craft beer festival, hosting more than 150 breweries and it took place at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. Tickets cost between £15-£25 depending day and time of visit.

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