aveiro travel guide
aveiro travel guide

Aveiro is one of the cities I visited between Lisbon and Porto in my 8 day trip around Portugal. Aveiro is a very beautiful city with enough things to do for a full day. I stayed in Aveiro for one day and two nights but one day and one night would have worked as well. You can also visit it as a day trip from Porto. See all things to do, where to stay and how to get to and around Aveiro in this post.

The best things to do in Aveiro

Visit the cute striped sea side houses at Costa Nova

Ok, I’ll admit that this was the reason I visited Aveiro. And it was Instagram heaven as I expected. These striped houses by the beach make the freshest photos ever. An important thing to note is that Costa Nova is not in Aveiro but getting to it is very easy either by car or local bus.

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bermondsey londres
Bermondsey Beer Mile

Are you a beer fan and a londoner? Or maybe just a beer fan visiting the city? Then you must not miss the Bermondsey Beer Mile!

Turns out that Bermondsey has become the hub for microbreweries in London. And the good news for you is that they open on Saturday, and some on Sunday, so you can go taste their golden liquid right from the brewery. What’s even better is that they are conveniently located in a straight line over a mile. Hence why it’s called the Bermondsey Beer Mile. That, my friend, makes the perfect beer crawl.

Scared of getting hungry? Well fear not. There are also three food markets conveniently located along the Bermondsey Beer Mile. I’ve created a map for you to follow and I’ll walk you through the whole thing.

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The Grand Expedition by Gingerline

The Grand Expedition is the latest production by Gingerline, a group of food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is to create the ultimate dining experiences.

This culinary and sensorial journey takes place at a secret location in London which I received by text a few hours before the start time and which must remain a secret for future guests.

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lisbon bucket list

Lisbon was the first stop from my Portugal nine day trip. As soon as I got out from the metro in Chiado, I fell in love with the city! The colors, the light bathing the atmosphere, the tiles. I think it’s impossible not to love Lisbon. Anyways, in this post you’ll find everything about Lisbon: what to do and eat, where to stay and how to get around.

Best things to do in Lisbon

Start with a free walking tour

As soon as you get to Lisbon, take a free walking tour to get a grasp of what the city has to offer, the main sights and some insider tips from the tour guides that live there. It will help organise how you’ll spend the rest of your time in the city, and you can ask all the questions you want.

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