Located in the foothills of the Mendip Hills, Wells is the tiniest cathedral city in the UK with only 11000 inhabitants. Wells lies close to the border with Wales and is not far from the iconic Glastonbury Tor and Cheddar. In this guide you’ll find the best things to do in Wells, where to stay, as well as things to do nearby.

How To Get To Wells From London

The best and easiest way to reach Wells from London is by car. You can rent a car in London or various other UK locations using Rentalcars which offers the best and cheapest rentals. If you don’t want to drive, Wells is indeed connected to the rest of the UK via public transport. That said, Wells doesn’t have its own train station, the nearest one being Castle Cary (13 miles away).

For those who don’t want to rent a car or a little short on time it’s possible to experience the history of the city with an experienced guide via this Wells, Cheddar Cheese and Cheddar Gorge tour from Bath.

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stockholm fall

I was presented with a challenge: visiting Stockholm in less than a full weekend. That is, arriving Friday night leaving Sunday afternoon. I took up the challenge. And, guess what? I passed with flying colors.

During these two almost full days I used the Stockholm Go City Pass. I’m usually not a fan of these passes as normally these aren’t in line with what I want to visit and too expensive. But the Stockholm Pass proved to be the complete opposite. Stockholm is expensive, and so are the attractions. The price of the pass might seem hefty at first, but as soon as you start to do some research, you realise it makes sense. Also, I loved that I didn’t have to worry about buying entrance tickets in the limited time I was there. Last, the fact that I had the pass and the feeling I had to take advantage of it made me see a lot more than I would if I didn’t have it. And it was worth it! I ended up saving loads.


Below are all the things I did during my weekend. All of them can be accessed with the Stockholm Go City Pass or are free. Sure, the list seems a bit long, and yes it does require waking up early and finishing late but I promise it’s worth it!

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new york
new york bucket list

New York is the only city I feel compares to my darling London. Both are undoubtedly the capitals of the western world and because of this, the things to do in them are just absolutely endless! I have visited New York various times and gathered a few experiences you definitely shouldn’t miss in the city. Some of them, I would repeat many times while others are ok to do just once. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!

1. Stroll the High Line

The High Line is a railway which has been converted into a uniquely shaped public park that runs across 2.3 kilometres. It is green and beautiful. One of my favorite things to do in New York because of how peaceful it is up there compared to the city’s busy streets.

new york bucket list
2. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset
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koh tao
koh tao bucket list

Koh Tao was my favourite island in Thailand. I loved all of them, but Koh Tao has a perfect size, beautiful beaches, outstanding diving and snorkeling, as well as the perfect amount of partying – there is some but it’s not at the crazy annoying level. These are my favourite things to do in the island.

Do a diving course

This is probably the number one reason people come to Koh Tao, and that’s because Koh Tao has a the perfect combination: amazing snorkel, and really low prices. So a lot of people will come here just to do the PADI Certification. I didn’t do mine because I had already done it somewhere else, but I’ve heard Ocean Sound is good.

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