Having done a collaboration for Femme Luxe in the past, I got approached by them again to make a festive outfit collaboration for the 2019/2020 holiday season! Although this is a collaboration please know that all these opinions are my own, and that I only chose to work with Femme Luxe because I liked partnering with them the last time around.

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I used the items I got last time quite a lot and gots lot of compliments on them as well so was really looking forward to collaborating with Femme Luxe again. I was originally deterred by the slinky style and appearance of their website but some of their stuff is really good. I just avoid the bodycon dresses as I don’t wear those. Nothing against them, it’s just not my style.

I chose two quite festive outfits and two other more day-to-day items: one beautiful red jumpsuit, a baby doll mini dress, beige high waist trousers and a ruffle white bodysuit.

My first and favorite Femme Luxe outfit of this order was a Red Strappy Wide Leg Jumpsuit. It’s an elastic jumpsuit with no zip which fit me really well. I got a size 8. It’s quite close fitting so if you like to show off your body then, perfect! Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t like to show off my body that much but felt pretty comfy in it still and used it for some Christmas photos (featured) and it got lots of stares and compliments. It goes really well with a winter coat and is more a night than a day outfit.

My second festive outfit was a Mustard Satin Babydoll Smock Swing Mini Dress. This dress has a super comfy very wide fit but at the same time it’s pretty short. It’s still safe to wear at the office if you don’t use high boots. So if you like to show off but don’t want your curves to stand out as much then this one is great. I really enjoyed wearing this one in holiday parties and really liked the mustard color.

My next choice was the High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers. I chose trousers because I absolutely loved the jeans I got from Femme Luxe last time. I’m not a trousers kind of gal so finding trousers I really love is important for me. These have such a perfect fit! And these were no different, comfy, classy but also a great fit. So far the Femme Luxe trousers I got have been an absolute hit. If you struggle with finding trousers you might want to give Femme Luxe a chance. These are perfect for the weekend or the office and look great with high boots. I really liked their fabric as well.

The trousers also went also really well with the last item I chose this time around, a white ruffle one shoulder bodysuit. The material on this one is slightly weird and seems a bit cheap at a first glance. It seems like a thin neoprene so much that my boyfriend though it was a bathing suit. However, when on it looks super classy, the material is so that the item keeps the ruffle stiff and in place as it’s quite a big ruffle. It looks gorgeous. I might even wear it at the beach as it looks wonderful in photos. It goes well with jeans as well, adding a classy touch to your look. It’s best worn with something simple as it makes quite a statement by itself already.

I styled the bodysuit and trousers together to a wonderful result, shown on the photo gallery above. The boots helped of course, they are linked in my 21 Buttons account if you are interested in them. I think they look perfect together! What do you think?

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