paris bucket list
 paris bucket list

The first time I went to Paris I didn’t like it! It was a very long time ago and I have been there many times since. I love Paris now. It’s a wonderful city with a unique vibe which you pick up right away. Everything that you ever heard about Paris is probably true. Lots of crêpes and baguettes everywhere. Parisians try to speak to you in French. They are also dressed as if they were right out from the Vogue magazine. Anyways, from my various visits, I’ve gathered a list of essentials, and no you can’t miss any of them!

Take original pictures of la Tour Eiffel

The question is, do you need to go up the Eiffel Tower? Well, you kind of do. I’ve done it once, and wouldn’t do it again. Instead what I like to do is to try and find spots around the city where I can take original pictures of Paris’ most beloved icon. Champ de Mars won’t do the trick, you need to actually cross over the water and go a few blocks away from Trocadero to get a good shot. Just get creative and try to avoid the tourists!

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3 Days in Jordan with Abraham Tours
3 Days in Jordan with Abraham Tours: Petra

We decided to take a two week trip to Israel and Jordan, flying to Israel from London. When planning Jordan we were faced with a challenge: how do we get from Israel to Jordan?

We soon found it wasn’t super easy and mostly, it was very time consuming to go from Israel to Jordan on your own. So instead we decided to take a tour and Abraham Tours had great reviews! So we booked the 3-day tour to Petra and Wadi Rum from Jerusalem.

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havana bucket list

Havana was the first city I visited in Cuba and was definitely one of the highlights of my Cuba trip. Everything you hear about Cuba comes alive in Havana, but you realize it’s much more than what you heard! Riding from the airport I couldn’t help having my eyes wide open while watching the old buildings and the colorful cars. It’s like a different world, actually it’s like being in a different time: exactly 6 years ago. See below all the best things to do in Havana as well as accommodation advice.

Things to in Havana

Walk around Havana Vieja

One of the 15 municipalities of the city, Havana Vieja (or Old Havana) is probably what will pop to your mind when you think about a postcard of Havana. All I recommend is walking, walking, walking and getting it all in. This is the most touristy place of the city so you’ll find lots of restaurants and souvenirs.

Admire the beautiful Capitolio and then walk through the Parque Central where you’ll be able to get a ride on a Taxi Particular. These are the famous 1950 cars that make Cuba what it is. These taxis are shared so don’t be surprised if someone gets in! Take a good look at the buildings at Plaza de la Catedral. Next to it you’ll find the Castillo de la Real Fuerza. After that, go to the Plaza de Armas where you’ll find a book market full of hidden gems from the times of the “Revolución”. My favorite photo spots were the Plaza Vieja, and the Museo de la Farmacia Habanera which is an old but picturesque pharmacy.

You can obviously do all this on your own but as I always say walking tours are a great way to get history in, specially as you just arrive to a place. I recommend booking this tour.

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