Having done a collaboration for Femme Luxe in the past, I got approached by them again to make a festive outfit collaboration for the 2019/2020 holiday season! Although this is a collaboration please know that all these opinions are my own, and that I only chose to work with Femme Luxe because I liked partnering with them the last time around.

Make sure you follow my 21buttons account as I post all of my outfits there, these included!

I used the items I got last time quite a lot and gots lot of compliments on them as well so was really looking forward to collaborating with Femme Luxe again. I was originally deterred by the slinky style and appearance of their website but some of their stuff is really good. I just avoid the bodycon dresses as I don’t wear those. Nothing against them, it’s just not my style.

I chose two quite festive outfits and two other more day-to-day items: one beautiful red jumpsuit, a baby doll mini dress, beige high waist trousers and a ruffle white bodysuit.

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