For this Femme Luxe haul, got a lot of cute items as usual! I chose a shacket, crop top and bodysuit which are Femme Luxe classics! I hope you are excited as I am about this haul.

I’ve become a fan of their famous shackets and this time I’ve acquired the jade coloured shacket: Sage Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket – Isabella. A shacket is the mixture of a shirt and a jacket. If you pay attention to everyone on the street right now there’s shackets everywhere and Femme Luxe have had them for ages now, total pioneers!

It’s super comfy and versatile, and I love how it looks – I use it both to work and the gym, that’s what I love about shackets and they are even more in this year. I now have the shacket in three colours! Shackets are the go-to item for me so comfy and so warm as well. I have them in Jade, Pink & Lilac and I love them all although the jade is the easiest to style. You can dress them up or down depending the situation by changing from gym clothes to jeans and heels or office clothes. And the best bit is that you’ll never be cold. Great isn’t it?

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Now yes, for sure the last lockdown haul this year! Got a lot of cute items this time, wintery ones and got started with the lilac which is my obsession of the year. My next haul will be full of lilac as well so watch this space!

Make sure you follow my 21buttons account as I post all of my outfits there, these included!

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