The Cauldron London

Harry Potter. Creating potions using a wand. Who could not love that? Well I surely do and this is actually a thing in The Cauldron, an immersive cocktail experience based in Dalston.

Upon arrival to the venue, you’ll be handed a box with a wand of special characteristics to use throughout the experience. You’ll proceed downstairs to your post and don a robe like you’ve just joined Hogwarts. The set up of the scene could easily pass for the Potions class held by Professor Snape in said establishment.

Soon, you’ll check out the menu to choose your welcome drink. I went for a delicious beer which was poured from the mounted head of a three headed snake located in the back of the room into a glass, with the help of a wand. My friend had a cocktail poured by a werewolf mounted head. It was fun.

After enjoying the drink, we were asked to choose two out of four potions to prepare during the evening. Our potions master brought a wooden crate with all ingredients as well as a cauldron and a set of instructions. We began the cooking, sometimes requiring the help from the Potions Master, specially if Fairy Dust, Dragon Fyre or ice were required. The interesting thing was that just waving the wand was enough for our magical Potions master to be right by our side, fulfilling our wishes. And it worked, every time.

Our potions of choice were the Bottany Brew and the Spaniards Revenge. The latter wasn’t cooked in a cauldron but required us to think about our worst enemy and how we’d like to revenge them, fire sparks included.

Our drinks were ready and soon enough it was time to order one last drink or to go. Luckily, we had time to enjoy the brewing of a dragon based drink. Lots of fire were involved.

The outcome was an afternoon full of magic and an urge to come back for the two drinks out of the menu we didn’t get to brew. The Cauldron pub was unprecedented magic and fun, for Harry Potter fans or just muggles alike!

The Cauldron immersive experience lasts 1hr 45min and includes one welcome drink vomited by a phoenix, a dragon, a werewolf or a three headed snake and two brew-it-yourself potions. You can book it here.

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