palm vaults

palm vaults coffee

On a certain Sunday I decided to pop over to the Palm Vaults in Hackney. I’ve always wanted to go as it’s a vegan cafe and well, I’m a vegan. But I have to be very honest, it was the rainbow lattes and pink glitter coffees I saw on a Facebook video in my feed that gave me the last push.

So there I was after over an hour commute from Tooting on Mare Street in Hackney. Didn’t look like much from outside. It was a cold Sunday in December so the windows from the cafe where all steamy hence I couldn’t really see inside.

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stockholm fall

I was presented with a challenge: visiting Stockholm in less than a full weekend. That is, arriving Friday night leaving Sunday afternoon. I took up the challenge. And, guess what? I passed with flying colors.

During these two almost full days I used the Stockholm Pass (link). I’m usually not a fan of these passes as normally these aren’t in line with what I want to visit and too expensive. But the Stockholm Pass proved to be the complete opposite. Stockholm is expensive, and so are the attractions. The price of the pass might seem hefty at first, but as soon as you start to do some research, you realise it makes sense. Also, I loved that I didn’t have to worry about buying entrance tickets in the limited time I was there. Last, the fact that I had the pass and the feeling I had to take advantage of it made me see a lot more than I would if I didn’t have it. And it was worth it! I ended up saving at least 300 SEK.


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cahoots london

Visiting Cahoots in London

My dad & sis came to visit me a few weeks ago and I was faced with the task to look for things to do in the evening. And then, I found Cahoots!

cahoots london

Cahoots it’s a 1946 tube-themed cocktail bar. A tubed theme bar and going back in time sounded good enough! We Londoners love immersive experiences, so I decided to take the plunge and made a reservation.

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waffles brussels
via Mark Turner

I’ve been to Brussels various times, but all of them were actually for not more than a day! Living in London, I even once just went for the day with the Eurostar and that was the day I did the most sightseeing. Visiting Brussels is not only about sightseeing but a bit of more about the food and drink. So make sure you eat nothing the day before, and I’m being serious. Anyways, these are the things you should during your day visit to Brussels.

1. Say hi to the Manneken Pis

The icon of Brussels, “Manneken Pis” literally means “little man who pees”. And it is literally that: a 65.5cm bronce statue of a little man that is peeing. It is meant to symbolize the free spirit of Belgians. It is quite cute, and even cuter when it is dressed up in costumes, which is done quite frequently!

A feminine version of the Manneken Pis, the Jeanneke Pis was created hundreds of years later so as to represent the free spirit of Belgian women as well. It is right besides the Delirium Cafe which I mention later in the article.


manneken pis brussels

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